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Mallory Carb Kit 9-37501

Mallory Carb Kit 9-37501

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Part # 9-37501
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Mismatch of Parts by Richard - Dallas, TexasAugust 13, 2013

Most of the pieces on this carb fit do not fit and using only a few of the pieces does not work well as you have to adjust the other pieces. I was able to use the float but it's matched to the float bowls which don't fit. I had to modify my existing float bowls. So basically I used 3 parts of this entire kit. DO NOT ORDER THIS UNLESS YOU PLAN AND THROWING AWAY OVER HALF THE PIECES (AND HOPE THE ONES YOU ARE THROWING AWAY ARE THE ONES YOU DIDN'T NEED)!!! I already had the carbs removed so I used what I could to get the engine running again.
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parts do not fit. by Peter - Cape Coral, FloridaApril 12, 2012

The float bowls are not the right shape and the gaskits are not the right and do not match up. I need to return these kits. Thanks, Pete
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Won't on yamaha C85 or any carb from what I can Tell by Alan - Albany, GeorgiaApril 03, 2011

Just to look at it,It looks like all the correct parts for a Yamaha C85 Carb. The First thing was the float height was a little low in the closed position and did not drop low enough in the open position. Tried using the old float and it was now worse.(That should have a red flag) I modified (sanded)the stops on the back of the new float so it would open properly and ignored the slight difference in the closed height. Assembled and All the carbs flooded! I couldn't believe the slight difference in the float height(1/64in) allowed this to happen. Took it back apart and looked real close to find the needle valve keeper/spring was touching the needle valve seat preventing from closing all the way. So I say this would not work on any carb. It appears the hole in the valve seat is too low or drilled out too far or the wrong one all together.
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