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Lehr 5hp Propane Outboard - Short Shaft - Lehr, Inc

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Lehr 5 HP pre 2013 built outdoor motor cover by Pedro - Miami Lakes, FloridaMarch 21, 2014

The engine cover does not have a snug fit and appears to be misaligned with the lower snap on clips to hold it down. They don't close properly and when the motor starts they come lose and cover rattles lose too. Talked to manufacturer and they have metal clips that they send out as replacements. However you need to bring it in to local service facility or do it yourself. Seems like a known problem with motors built pre 2013 but if you get sold one that's been in inventory for a while, you will have that problem. So far the motor works as described, it's just an annoyance to experience a lose and poorly fitted cover.
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Good Motor by Peter - Huntington Beach, CaliforniaApril 15, 2013

I have had the motor for about a month... All is great so far.
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Propane beats gas by Terry - Las Vegas, NevadaOctober 28, 2012

Propane is so much cleaner and easier to use. The motor worked fine right out of the box. It is fairly light weight and the twin grab handles make mounting easy. I have only used it a short time, so the question of long term durability has yet to be answered. I will try to update this review at the end of next season. There is also the question of propane availability. I have so far been able to take all I need in my 30Lb tank. I carry a couple of small disposable spares just in case. but have not needed them. Probably won't be an issue unless you plan an extended excursion, which my require some advance planning about where to refuel.
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Not bad for propane by Gary - Naperville, IllinoisAugust 15, 2012

I was very hesitant to buy a motor that ran on propane, but I was assured the power of the engine was equal to that of gas ones. I can attest that this is true! It's pretty cool to be able to run on propane which I find a lot easier to deal with vs. gas. Starts nicely and handles like any gas motor. Took a while for shipping but other than that it has been great!
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Not a bad buy by Hank - Maddison, WisconsinAugust 07, 2012

I got this particular model early in the season to replace my gas one that had just about had it, I liked the idea of switching to propane, and while I am being more "green" there isn't a whole lot of difference. I tried to figure out if I am saving $$$ on fuel and it's hard to tell but it certainly is cleaner and easier than gas. Works great, easy start, and overall not a bad buy.
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Makes Perfect Sense by Jeff - Los Angeles, CaliforniaAugust 03, 2012

Propane makes so much sense to use especially if it’s an engine you don’t use all that often. We've used this 3 times already at our summer home and I love it. Carb never gums up, fuel is good forever. It is easy to start and use and much better than my last gas one.
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Easy to use, and looks good! by Jeff - Los Angeles, CaliforniaAugust 02, 2012

Just spent the weekend boating with some friends and was around one of these a good amount. Just thought I'd point out a few benefits of having one of these. Overall ease of use is probably the major point for me, easy start, low maintenance, super easy to refuel. However, other than it being "greener" and running on propane, the power felt the same as any gas motor, so no problem there. I also liked how it looks! Something sleek about it.
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Great Concept by Peter - Manhattan Beach, CaliforniaJuly 24, 2012

This product is based on the Yamaha F4 design. The basic engine is built in China and modified here in the states to run on propane. I particular liked the two easy-to-use handles inherent in the F4 design. My unit arrived with an oil stain in the bottom of the box. After calling the company, I was told that it was likely due to the oil not having been fully drained after testing (each unit is reported tested individually before being packaged up). As it turned out, however, the oil leak continued after I put it into operation and I ultimately returned it to and obtained a refund from the manufacturer. They were very cooperative. I read later that someone else had an oil leak problem which turned out to be simply a loose drain screw - perhaps that was the case with mine. Given all the problems with small engine carburetors fouled with ethanol laced gasoline, I really do think the time for propane engines has come, particularly for infrequently used outboards. I wish this company well.
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lehr 5hp propane outboard by Michael - Leonia, New JerseyJuly 04, 2012

did not run above an idle from day one. lehr is trying to repair this motor.
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LP OUTBARD by Dale - Rice Lake, WisconsinJune 14, 2012

When I added oil there was a leak at the drain bolt because the washer does not seal properly. I corrected that problem an also the hold down clips to the motor cover are porely made. i was also disapointed that the engine is made in China. That said the motor starts and runs well and looks very nice. I also like the feature of handles front and back.Although I have only used this motor twice it seems that it will handle my canoe very well.
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Cheaply built by Orville - Ithaca, New YorkJune 05, 2012

Motor would not start due to carb being stuck wide open! Once started would not slow to idle, had to adjust needle valve. Cover does not fit correctly, latches come loose while running. Oil leaks from case when laid on side.
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